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terralib-gdal  deb

TerraLib Gdal Library, version 2.1.3

terralib-5.3.2  deb

TerraLib Library and TerraView

terralib-boost  deb

TerraLib Boost Library, version 1.60.0 (shared libraries)

terralib-wtss-cxx  deb

TerraLib Wtss-Cxx Library, version 0.4.0

terralib-qwt  deb

TerraLib Qwt Library, version 6.1.2

terralib-qtpb  deb

TerraLib QtPropertyBrowser Library, version 2.6.1

terralib-qscintilla  deb

TerraLib Qscintilla Library, version 2.10.0

terralib-layout  deb

TerraLib Layout Library, version 1.2.0

terralib-qtlua  deb

TerraLib QtLua Library, version 2.0.0

terrama2-doc-4.0.5  deb

TerraMA2 Help files, version 4.0.5

typo-shot  Python

Check your website/blog typography simple, with screenshots!

python  deb

interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version) Python, the...

terrama2-4.0.5-release-linux-x64  deb


terrama2-vmime-4.0.5  deb

TerraMA2 Vmime Library, version 0.9.2

terrama2-doc-4.0.4  deb

TerraMA2 Help files, version 4.0.4

terrama2-4.0.4-release-linux-x64  deb


terrama2-vmime-4.0.4  deb

TerraMA2 Vmime Library, version 0.9.2